Sport and Physical Education at Sentinel Kalumbila plays a vital role in terms of developing the whole child. Pupils are encouraged to be good sportsmen, try their best, and most importantly - to have fun. As a school, we provide a learning environment that is safe for the participants to play, where they can discover and try new things without fear of failure. Our aim in Physical Education is to provide activities that will help develop the pupil’s physical, social, technical and psychological outcomes. As part of the school curriculum, the pupils take part in a wide range of sporting activities. The school has a variety of sports including: swimming, athletics, cricket, basketball, netball, football and rugby. During the year, the pupils take part in inter-house and inter-school’s competition which gives them an opportunity to represent the school, play for a team and to develop friendship amongst themselves. Sport helps the athlete’s decision-making process and also how to deal with success and failure.