Beyond The Classroom

School Trips

Throughout their time at the school, pupils enjoy the opportunity to go on outings. These are often linked to curriculum topics, enhancing what is taught in the classroom. Equally, the outings may be taken simply because they are interesting and there to be enjoyed.

All pupils go on residential trips during their school career. Seen as part of and an extension to the curriculum, these trips are designed to offer new challenges and develop self-confidence and personal responsibility. By encountering achievable challenges our students have the chance to succeed in areas that they previously thought were beyond them.

Visits are organized carefully according to our strict guidelines, to ensure that students and their families are fully informed. All due checks are carried out to ensure students' safety and enjoyment.

Regular visiting speakers share their expertise and experiences and broaden pupil's access to many topics. Each term concludes with a number of Enrichment Days in which the children enjoy taking part in unusual and engaging activities off-timetable.

Our Local Community

Community involvement is an important part of school life. We are proud of the contribution that pupils and their families make to a wide range of events that are organised at house, year group and the whole school level. Each year a significant sum is distributed to a range of local, national and international causes. Our community work helps our pupils to develop an awareness of the need in the local, national and international settings; to respond to identified needs both as individuals and as groups; to support (and at the top end of the school organise) a range of events that generate funds for a designated cause and to develop a sense of community.