In The Classroom

Early Years

During their time in the Early Years Foundation Stage, our pupils are introduced to a range of activities and materials designed to nurture their sense of independence and self-esteem. We provide children with an environment where they can be a positive and valued member of a small community; where their help and collaboration is needed, encouraged and appreciated. They learn to care for others with kindness and gentleness.

The opportunities that our pupils meet enable them to develop a number of competencies, skills and concepts across several areas of learning.

Key Stage 1

There is no differentiation between hard work and enjoyment. Quite the opposite! Our pupils are encouraged to develop a love of learning for its own sake. They experience the joy of aiming high and achieving well, both within the academic curriculum and beyond it.

The junior phase has a challenging, broad and balanced curriculum. Emphasis is given to developing key skills in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. These act as a solid foundation for future learning. The aim of this is to give context to the academic work, to give an integrated approach to learning and to develop enthusiasm for learning. Great care is taken to ensure that the children enjoy their work - we believe that hard work and fun are not mutually exclusive, indeed they need to be as one if children are to learn effectively now and in their future.

Each class is under the direction of a class teacher who takes academic and pastoral responsibility for the children in his or her class.

Careful assessment and monitoring ensures that each pupil fulfils her or his full potential. Teaching styles are dynamic and flexible to match individual learning styles and to develop a true love of learning.

Key Stage 2

The middle phase (Years 3 and 6) will be taught by one class teacher in classes respectfully, while some lessons will be taught by specialist teachers, Art, Music, Physical Education and ICT.

The middle phase curriculum will be based around the Cambridge Primary Curriculum and the Secondary 1 Cambridge curriculum, for English, Maths and Science and we merge with the Zambian National Curriculum across all subjects. Reading will continue to be taught through the Oxford Reading Tree and Wellington Square Reading Programmes which focus on phonics. Class readers will also be of emphasis. Again, we believe that we are in a unique position, as we will be merging our own curriculum - the Zambian Curriculum with the Cambridge curriculum. Our aim is that this curriculum will enable our pupils to relate to the world around them through a Christian philosophy, empathy to others and a positive Kalumbila ethos to learning. All members of our community will be expected to uphold our values of independence, innovation, respect, responsibility, reflection and integrity.