PSHE Education

At Sentinel Kalumbila, Personal Social Health Education is a subject that our pupils take part in once a week which looks at different ways to develop their knowledge and skill in order to keep them safe, healthy and most importantly to prepare them for life after school. Students have group discussions on local and global issues that children face daily and come up with strategies on how to solve issues. The curriculum also looks at role models who have made a positive impact through their social and physical well-being.

The school has introduced mentors, who are class teachers, to assess the pupils’ well-being in and out of school. A group of students are assigned a teacher who will use the PSHE curriculum and counselling skills to assess and help the pupils’ in their general wellbeing.

Students are constantly monitored, and are free to seek advice from various teachers who will provide feedback that will help the pupils to tackle any arising issues they might be facing.